Making sense of the Base Blind Corner Cabinet

Criss Hartman published this article on June 28, 2012 in Build Dreams,. Total Comments: 12 | Comment

What are they and how to use them properly. This short review helps simplify the process.  Click below.

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Criss Hartman, AKBD leads WOLF’s semi-custom department. Let Criss and her team help you build design solutions through the creative use of cabinetry in kitchens, baths and other special rooms.

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1. Steven behm Posted at 9:50 AM on 6/29/2012

Just had cabinets installed in my home they are wolf co
Very happy with them my sales person who sold me them made
This project very calm and fun her name is
Namomi from North east distinutors in Warwick rhode island
Thinking about bathroom next ...  Thank you mr steven Behm

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2. Jim Groff Posted at 10:18 AM on 6/29/2012

Glad you like your WOLF cabinets, and delighted you had such a great experience with your designer at Northeast Distributors. 
Thanks so much for you comments. 

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3. Chris Weikel Posted at 11:22 AM on 7/24/2012

This is Chris, Megan’s husband.I was on this webiste looking up the PVC decking product for a job i’m quoting and came across your name and picture. Small world…didn’t know you are working here.
Hope all is well

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4. Criss Hartman Posted at 11:34 AM on 7/24/2012

Hi Chris! It has been a long time, and I’m very glad you found me while searching for our products. If you have any questions, please let me know, as I would be happy to help.  Good luck with quoting your project and getting the sale!

Best Wishes,

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5. Valerie Vicario Posted at 10:19 PM on 5/13/2013

We are rebuilding our home from hurricane sandy.We purchased beautiful wolf cabinets.We have sizing issues and need to exchange 3 of the cabinets.The run around we are receiving from our local distributor is disappointing and rediculous.Im hoping you can help us get to the bottom of this.We just want the 3 cabinets that fit.This problem is holding up our whole kitchen project.We paid cash for our cabinets and feel we now don’t have a leg to stand on.What should be a simple exchange has turned into a fiasco.please help..thank you,Valeirie

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6. Valerie Vicario Posted at 9:16 AM on 5/30/2013

Many thanks to Doug Wolf for getting involved and solving my cabinet issues.Dave Taylor from Taylor Made Cabinets is working with Doug to resolve these issues and I appreciate the great customer service that Wolf prides themselves in.I am pleased to have chosen Wolf brand cabinets.They are beautiful!

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7. Criss Hartman Posted at 3:07 PM on 5/30/2013

Hello, Valerie! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your comments on our blog posting.  I am very happy to hear both Doug and Dave have been helpful in resolving any unfortunate experiences.  We will always try to go above and beyond for our customers and greatly appreciate your recognition! I wish you many happy family memories in your new Dartmouth kitchen.  Thank you for choosing WOLF!

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8. Will Marley Posted at 11:00 PM on 9/08/2013

We hung one of our new cabinets and we just realized that the cabinets ordered do not fit our space and the wrong doors were are on the cabinets so we can’t install the crown moulding we ordered.  Can you help? All cabinets are in the box except for one.

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9. Jim Groff Posted at 7:30 AM on 9/09/2013

Thank you for contacting us.  I’ll have someone in our kitchen product group contact you shortly to help resolve your situation.
Jim Groff

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10. Maria Posted at 10:12 AM on 10/16/2013

The text in the video is too small for those of us with aging eyes. 

There should also be information included that reminds us that these blind corner cabinets come only one way - blind left side.  If you’d like the door and drawer on the left side, the installer needs to not only flip the door, but remove the drawer slides and reinstall them. 

Expectation management is everything and prevents disappointment.

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11. Criss Posted at 11:44 AM on 10/16/2013

Good morning, Maria! Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and providing feedback.  I am still in denial about needing to wear the eyeglasses I have stashed in my desk drawer!  If you click on the “full screen” icon in the lower right hand corner of the video, it should make the text easier to read.  Including an installation note regarding the default blind side of the cabinet would be useful.  I will further discuss with our Marketing Team.  Thank you again for your input, Maria. 

Happy designing and selling,

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12. Don Masone Posted at 9:44 AM on 12/20/2013

I’m more confused now then before I watched.

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