Add Trending Green To Your Kitchen

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How To Add Trending Green to Your Kitchen

After years of white kitchens, green kitchens are having their moment in the sun. In 2020 and 2021, designers and influencers began adding pops of green to their cooking spaces. Now, this color is the trendiest solution for kitchens.

5 Ways To Incorporate Trending Green In Your Kitchen

The right green accents in your kitchen can make the heart of your home look fresh, dramatic or sophisticated. Here are some of the best ways to add green to your kitchen.

1. Remember to Include Plants

One way to add green to your kitchen is with greenery. A living wall or a shelf of plants can give you a sense of what it might be like to have more green color in your space. Plants also bring out any green you introduce to the room.

2. Bring in Green Accents

Whether it's with backsplash or decor, pull in green window coverings, vases, or a table runner can add color without overwhelming the room. A simple way to bring in green without picking up a paintbrush is to introduce green bowls and napkins to add a fresh aesthetic to every meal.

3. Paint One Thing Green

Rather than redoing your whole kitchen, consider painting one architectural feature in your kitchen a bold green. Paint an island, one wall or one part of your kitchen a green shade. It's a simple way to bring in a dash of color and freshness without making a huge commitment. An even easier way to add green is to hang a piece of wall art in your favorite shade of green. This way, you can add texture and visual interest as well as a pop of color.

4. Go Dramatic With Dark Green Cabinets

If your kitchen gets tons of light, try forest-green cabinets. This works if you have big windows, pale floors or light colors for your counters and backsplash. You can add additional warmth with gold, brass or other warm metallics on your faucets and hardware.

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5. Ease Into it With a Light Green Kitchen

Try softer and warmer sage, celery or green-grey tones for smaller spaces or a gentler introduction to a green kitchen. These pair wonderfully with white countertops and sinks and can work with smaller kitchens, too. Wolf Classic Complements offers several soft, warm shades such as palmetto to help you create a fresh and welcoming space.


How Wolf Home Products Can Help

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