How to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Spacious bathrooms can help you and those who visit your home feel more comfortable and relaxed. While renovations are a great way to increase the space, they're not always practical. Fortunately, you can make a few small adjustments to make your existing bathroom look bigger.

Small Bathroom Ideas for Improving Space

Here are a few affordable and practical tips on how to make a small bathroom look and feel more spacious.

1. Pay Attention to Lighting

Do all you can to increase the natural light within your bathroom to help the space feel more open and fresh. Take the time to clean any windows, screens and skylights so they will let in as much light as possible. Choose sheer or light-colored curtains or replace your window glass with frosted privacy glass.

If natural light isn't an option, you can achieve a similar effect by incorporating multiple bright lights throughout the space.

2. Install Large Mirrors

Mirrors will reflect light into a room, helping it feel more spacious. Adding a large mirror or multiple mirrors will increase the light within your bathroom and make it seem bigger. Frameless mirrors can also contribute to the sense of openness within the room.

Mirrors allow you to take advantage of vertical spaces. If you don't have much horizontal room within your bathroom, incorporating a thin, tall mirror can help the space feel larger.

3. Improve Cohesion

Choosing fixtures and surfaces in similar colors will help every aspect of your bathroom flow together. Without visual walls and lines between items, the room will feel more open.

One way to reduce visual walls is to replace shower curtains with glass shower enclosures. The transparency of the glass will keep the space open. Even frosted or tinted glass will increase the amount of light filtering through your bathroom.

4. Choose Colors Carefully

Light colors are always best for creating an open space. White on white feels particularly airy within a bathroom, though warm beige, soft gray, powder blue, blush or other faint hues will also help a room feel spacious. 

If you like a little drama, you could incorporate a darker or more vibrant color near the floor while keeping eye-level spaces simple. This color contrast can sometimes make the upper half of the room feel more open.

5. Keep Surfaces Clear

To help your bathroom feel spacious, remember that less is more. Use only one or two decorations to maintain an open flow throughout the room.

Cabinets can significantly improve the comfort of your bathroom by providing a place to store items behind closed doors, keeping surfaces clean. Floating cabinets can help the floor space feel clear, while inset cabinets can provide the storage you need while preserving the openness of the room.

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