Bathroom Remodel Checklist

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A bathroom renovation can refresh your space, increase your home's value and improve your comfort. Whether you're planning a simple paint job or a complete makeover, review this checklist to ensure your project stays on track!

1. Gather Ideas

Before you begin your remodel, find inspiration for your project. You can browse the internet and social media for current trends and visit stores to explore options for paint, fixtures, styles and more. Reviewing possibilities and trends will help you identify how you want your bathroom to look.

2. Decide Preferences

Evaluate your bathroom and determine which aspects you like and which you don't. Identifying what works for you will help you figure out what else you need to achieve your dream bathroom. You might like a simple paint refresh, or maybe you've always wanted to add a glass shower enclosure in place of your tub.

3. Consider the Function

As you begin planning your bathroom renovations, consider the primary purpose. Is this a guest bathroom you'd like to be clean and simplistic or a family bathroom that needs to accommodate several needs? Is this a flexible space for many people or a personal retreat? Determining the main function of the bathroom will help you install the most efficient layout.

4. Create a Budget

Once you know what you'd like to accomplish with your bathroom remodel, craft a budget that meets your financial needs. Making decisions before you begin will help you stay in control of spending. The total cost of the project will depend on the extent of your renovations. Materials to budget for include:

  • Vanity cabinets
  • Vanity top
  • Bathtub
  • Tile
  • Paint
  • Faucets
  • Lighting

5. Plan Logistics

Staying organized throughout your renovation will help you save time, effort and money. Plan out the logistics of your project by considering questions like these:

  • What is the timeline for this remodel?
  • How long are shipping periods?
  • Will furniture fit through the door?
  • Can the existing wiring and plumbing be used?

Another important question to consider is whether you need a contractor or you can accomplish the project on your own. A simple paint job or flooring update might be manageable as a DIY project. Choosing a professional, reliable contractor is usually the best option for renovations to ensure safety and quality at every step. 

6. Determine a Theme

Before buying items or paint for your bathroom remodel, plan out your preferred color theme or aesthetic. Be sure to pick colors that match or complement the rest of your home, creating a cohesive and balanced look. 

7. Pick Storage Options

The right cabinetry will enhance the beauty and functionality of your bathroom. Consider the styles and designs that will accommodate your needs and choose colors that match your home's aesthetics.

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