2023 Bathroom Design Trends

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Modern preferences for bathroom spaces include visual attractiveness and seamless functionality. In 2023, many also expect their bathrooms to be places of peace, quiet and harmony. When you use a space every day, the design matters.

Explore Bathroom Trends for 2023

As homeowners look to create spaces of simplicity and serenity, the following trends are emerging as vital aspects of a modern bathroom.

1. Natural Materials 

Natural materials and lighting offer a soothing atmosphere that's ideal for small bathrooms. The subtle textures of wood, stone and clay provide timeless elegance and serenity, while glass allows more for light and transparency. If you have the space, shade- and moisture-loving plants are a valuable addition as well.




2. Subtle Colors 

Calm, natural colors relax the vision and inspire peace. Some natural colors to use in your bathroom include:

Blues and greens: These cool tones will keep your bathroom calm, clean and fresh.

Earthy, coffee browns: Classic and elegant, darker browns provide a solid foundation for your bathroom aesthetic.

Beige and peach: More clay-toned colors will bring warmth and light to a space.

Gray: Both warm and cool grays can work to make your bathroom feel soothing.

White or off-white: White is always in style for bathrooms, and creamier shades may help create more serenity within the space.




3. Geometric Shapes 

Precise geometric forms are becoming increasingly popular, creating movement and texture within bathroom spaces. They add a sense of harmony, helping bathrooms feel more comfortable and serene.


Simple lines accompany clear shapes, increasing balance, depth and interest. The concise lines of tall rectangles throughout the space will guide the eye and create visual drama.

4. High-Tech Features

Bathrooms need to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. When designing your bathroom for 2023, consider these aspects:

Lighting: LED lighting behind mirrors and along the ceiling and floor will inspire simplicity. Soft, motion sensor lighting will increase convenience and comfort.

Faucets: Whether futuristic or vintage in style, faucets can provide the functionality you need with high-tech features. Several options offer touch screens and LED lighting for increased temperature accuracy and convenience.

Mirrors: A mirror is a central point in any bathroom. With elements like built-in lighting, frameless designs and fog resistance, your bathroom mirror can provide beauty as well as function.


5. Closed Storage 

Modern trends center on clean, open spaces. With closed cabinets, you can store your items within easy reach while maintaining the spaciousness and organization of your bathroom. 

Consider narrow, vertical cabinets to maintain the trend of simple, defining lines. Choose cabinets with smooth, handleless exteriors or mirrored facades to keep your space open and serene.

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