Key Advantages For Dealers

Wolf maintains a singular focus on serving the needs of independent dealers – dealers who gain significant advantages when they choose Wolf:

  • Products of exceptional value Wolf sources products that deliver exceptional performance at very attractive prices. These branded products provide our customers with a wide selection of the most popular features, styles and colors, enhanced margin opportunity, and the ability to stand out in an over-cluttered marketplace.
  • Shorter lead times Wolf is committed to maintaining the highest level of reliability across the entire supply line. This means shorter, more predictable lead times for our dealers and their customers.
  • Experienced service team Our staff handles 350,000+ customer calls annually and has demonstrated a 98.2% accuracy rate to customers. Customers also benefit from Wolf’s unique policy: Every Wolf employee is empowered to resolve customer problems – within 24 hours – in a manner that is satisfactory to the customer.
  • Faster inventory turnover Reliable, just-in-time delivery means our customers need less inventory on hand, freeing up their cash for other important uses.
  • Effective point-of-sale merchandising People buy what they see, and Wolf arms its customers with the displays, samples, literature and other sales aides needed to close the sale.
  • Dedicated marketing support Wolf works with our dealer partners to execute effective marketing plans to help generate attention, interest, desire and sales.
  • Succeeding Together Wolf is hungry, aggressive and squarely on the side of independent dealers. Together, we can deliver superior quality and value, and provide our partners with a unique opportunity to grow.